High intensity Kettle bell workout!!!

I’m going to be getting into writing articles and posting videos more frequently, so get ready for some killer workouts because I’m feeling spunky. Today’s workout is going to be a HIIT workout based from supersets utilizing Kettle bells.

Warm up:

5-10 minutes of cardio of choice.

SMR/foam rolling:

-hip flexor

-IT band

-Lower back


Activation exercises/ corrective exercises:

-Front Plank (AMAP)

Hold As long as possible.

Tighten butt and draw belly button towards the spine.


-Glute bridges (15 SLOW reps)

Lay on your back in a supine position, facing the ceiling.

flex glutes at top of position

tilt hips towards the belly button, to minimize the lower back engagement.

-Wall angels (15 SLOW reps)

Place your back against a wall

Raise hands above the head, keeping the elbows and shoulders against the wall.

Bring elbows back down the wall with the hands staying against the wall and directly above the elbow.


Workout: (Weights are what I would use. Do what YOU can.)

-KB hip swings (15-20 reps) 65lbs.

-Front Plank (AMAP) Bodyweight

-Alternating Front lunge w/ single arm overhead KB rack (15 reps/ leg) 25 lbs.

-Seated balance (AMAP) sitting on butt or BOSU.

-Double arm standing “Arnold” shoulder press w/ KB’s (15-20 reps) 30 lbs.

-KB goblet squat (80 lbs.) 20 reps

REPEAT 2-3 times resting for 90 seconds per circuit.

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Beat the Heat!

Here in The Sunshine State the sun can beat down on you with extreme ferocity. Most cases of harm from the sun are uncomfortable, but continual exposure to the radiation can lead to sometimes fatal disease.  Some ways to avoid the damage the UV rays can do to our bodies are:

1.) Sunscreen- Personally I use Aveeno Active Naturals. This stuff is great, it can be applied to wet or dry skin. 30-50 SPF is all that is necessary. Current research shows that the difference in protection using anything more is minimal (http://www.webmd.com/beauty/sun/high-spf-sunscreens-are-they-better).  My best experience is that applying this sunblock to skin first before exposure to the sun, then re-applying 1-2 more times in the length of the day. For those that worry about tanning. This leaves me tanning without burning, peeling, and losing any of my tan. Making sure that I cover my ears, back of neck, face, shoulders and other highly exposed areas.Aveeno-Mineral-Block-SPF-30_Aveeno-Hydrosport-Sunblock-Spray_Maybelline-NY-Baby-Lips-SPF-20




2.)Hat and/or UV protection long sleeve quick drying shirt. Many brands these days make clothing that is specifically made to reduce UV exposure. Columbia and UnderArmor are two major brands that make clothing that has this feature.

columbia shirt

3.) Hydration- One of the most immediately fatal symptoms of heat/sun exposure is heat stroke, or heat exhaustion. Staying properly hydrated is crucial for your body to be able to cool down. Yes, many of us are de-conditioned for prolonged heat exposure. Many times the amount of water lost through perspiration is often underestimated. “Proper hydration is to pre-hydrate.” To ensure proper hydration water consumption should begin in advance from any physical event or day in the heat/sun.  Recommended daily intake should be around 1 fluid ounce to every Kilogram the individual weighs. I weigh 185 lbs. therefor I should be drinking a minimum of about 95 fluid ounces of water per day. Now I am highly physically active and much of my activity is done outside, in the heat. During the summer it is common for me to drink give or take 2 gallons of water. Tervis-Water-Bottle-

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(Bradenton, Fla. June 5, 2014) — State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) microbiology students Roxana Perez, Stephanie Morgan and Charles Stach III presented scientific findings based on research they conducted during Yale University’s Small World Initiative at the American Society of Microbiology Conference this summer.

Led by Natural Sciences Instructor Dr. Eric Warrick, SCF was one of 25 colleges and universities nationwide that participated in the Yale pilot project, which engages students in authentic scientific research that addresses one of the most serious modern health threats: antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Warrick gave a presentation at the conference about using evidence-based practices in his microbiology class as part of the Small World Initiative.

Under Warrick’s instruction, SCF students searched for and identified antibiotic-producing bacteria in soil and other environments. They collected soil, cultured bacteria from the soil, tested bacteria for antibiotic activity and verified antibiotic production.

Perez, Morgan and Stach were selected from 25 SCF microbiology students to attend the American Society of Microbiology Conference, where students from other Small World Initiative college and university partners also displayed posters and presented their findings based on samples they collected from diverse environments nationwide.

Morgan, who searched for bacteria in Sarasota Bay along the mangroves, discovered an antibiotic-producing bacteria in theVibrio genus. She enjoyed meeting other students at the conference.

“It was really interesting to see other people’s success with the project and to talk to them about the differences in how they collected and analyzed their samples. I went kayaking to get my samples, and they used a butter knife to cut through the frozen ground,” Morgan said.

Morgan was named SCF’s Outstanding Student in Biology and graduated with an Associate in Arts from SCF in May. She was one of 53 out of 800 students nationwide to be selected to participate in University of Minnesota’s Life Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Program this summer. She plans to attend New College this fall and later pursue a Ph.D. in biochemistry or molecular biology and work in research.

Perez collected samples from Tampa Bay and several locations in Bradenton and discovered bacteria in the Bacillus genus. She was excited to share her results at the conference after participating in a class that allowed her to conduct authentic research. Perez, who plans to graduate with an Associate in Arts in Spring 2015 and study veterinary science at the University of Florida, will use the skills she learned in class during her future studies.

“This course required a lot of work, but it’s more worthwhile because you are working with the unknown. It’s preliminary research, but it’s still very important. Discovering a novel antibiotic can make a real difference,” she said.

Stach also presented findings at the conference based on samples of the Pseudomonas genus he collected from Alafia River State Park in Lithia, Fla.

“It was really a great experience to be around such brilliant people involved in the Small World Initiative, and it opened my eyes to how the biotechnology and microbiology industries overlap. I also was able to network with professors from graduate programs at major universities,” he said.

Stach, who is pursuing an Associate in Science in Biotechnology degree from SCF, has already applied his knowledge to the real world. He is using genetic testing in his personal training business, Stachtraining, to help his clients improve their nutrition and succeed in their fitness goals. After graduating in Spring 2015, he plans to go on to a university and later earn a Ph.D. in Genetics.

Further testing of SCF students’ samples will be conducted to identify the chemical structure of the antibiotic analysis in collaboration with Small World Initiative partners.

The Small World Initiative’s primary investigator is Dr. Jo Handelsman, professor of biology at Yale University, co-chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology and associate director for science at the Office of Science and Technology Policy. The co-principal investigator and project facilitator is Dr. Tiffany Tsang, postdoctoral associate for the Center for Scientific Teaching at Yale University.

For more information, visit yale.edu.

Stephanie Morgan
Stephanie Morgan

Roxana Perez
Roxana Perez
Charles Stach III

Full Article can be found here: http://www.scf.edu/Administration/PublicAffairsMarketing/NewsReleases/2014/20140605_02.asp

Written by Jessica Klipa

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High volume chest workout

When we discuss volume in workouts it not about how much weight you move necessarily, But rather the amount of overall work you perform. In today’s workout we will show you an example of a large volume chest workout. Modify the workout as needed, however these style workouts are not easy so keep that in mind as you push.

Warm-up: 5-10 minutes or enough to increase core temperature.

Super-set #1:

Dumbbell Chest fly: 40lbs x 20 reps

-Straight into/minimal rest

Dumbbell Flat Chest press: 40 lbs. x 20 reps

-Rest 30 seconds and repeat

(I performed 5 supersets last two I used 50lbs. DB’s)-

Super-set #2:

Incline Dumbbell chest squeeze press: 50 lbs. x 20 reps.

Plyo incline push-ups: 12-15 reps. (stop when height of plyo is reduced)

-Rest and Repeat (I performed 4 sets)

Super-set #3

Incline Stability ball chest press: 12-15 reps

Standard ground push-ups: to failure (I did 15)

Reverse fly using therapy band (purple folded in half/doubled over)

-Rest and repeat (I did 3 sets)


Have fun and stay fit!

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Two Circuit Tuesday

Today’s workout is in a superset fashion. Meaning that you are training two opposing muscle groups back to back. While one muscle group works during one exercise, it should be resting during the next. Allowing you to go straight from one exercise to the other with minimal rest.

Warm up:
-front plank 1 min
-glute bridge 1 min
-side plank 1 min
-superman 1 min

-rest 30 seconds then repeat 3 times-

Circuit 1

-bench press
-squat with dumb bells
-pull up
-leg press

-rest 60-90 secs and repeat 3 times –

Circuit 2
-seated row
-chest dumb bell fly
-straight leg deadlift
-leg extension

-rest 60-90 secs and repeat 3 times-

Enjoy your two circuit Tuesday!!!

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Shatterday Workout

Todays workout is meant to be a beat down. If you don’t like it, too bad. You have all of tomorrow to rest. Enjoy!


Front plank- 1 min

Seated balance with rotation- 20reps/ each direction

Squats with overhead extension- 25 reps

Push-ups- 25 reps

Rest 60 seconds and repeat 2-3 times



Deadlift- 65% 1Rep Max (15 reps)

Dumbbell Bench press- 12-15 reps

Rear squat- 65% 1 RM (15 reps)

Pull ups- bodyweight 15 reps

Tuck jump- 12-15 reps

-rest 90 seconds repeat 2-3 times-


KB hip swings 25 reps

1 minute wind sprint

push ups to failure

Jump rope 1 min

rest 90 seconds and repeat if you have more in you.

Have a great SHATTERDAY!

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Metabolic arm workout

If you are not pouring sweat from today’s workout you have very under active sweat glands… Here is your workout for today. As always go at your own pace, but you do want to push yourself. I did this workout myself. The weights I used are included below.

5-10 minute warm-up

-Seated shoulder press  (30-40-50-55 lbs.) (15-15-12-10 reps)

-Dumbbell squat (same weights) 15 reps

-Bicep curl (same weights) (15-12-10-6 reps)

-Straight leg deadlift (same weights) (15 reps)

90 second rest intervals then repeat 4 times

-Lateral cable raises single arm (20 lbs.) 15 reps

-Core cable rotations Low to High (30 lbs.) 12 reps/side

-External rotations (20 lbs.) 15 reps/arm

-Hanging leg raises to knees 20 reps

60 seconds rest then repeat 4 times

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Friday Fitday

Today I am going to switch it up. Challenging you to eat clean, exercise, and just flat out move more this weekend. Society has molded each and every one of us to believe there is an instant fix for everything. However I am here to break it to you. THAT’S NOT THE CASE! It takes an organized plan of attack 90% of the time. The other 10% occurs by flat out luck.

With this being said. I want you to coordinate a plan of ATTACK! Attack meaning: YOU have to take action. YOU have to do something about it. Whatever “IT” is to you. unleash such a fury of effort that you surprise yourself. That you look back at the end result (Your Goal) and think “holy crap I did it!”.

Although this is a challenge, most of you will give up. Some of you may “fail”. But, this is not the end. A “failure” is never a true failure, it is a lesson. It’s up to YOU to learn that lesson and become a stronger person. We all have to power to succeed at anything YOU put your mind to.

So step up to the plate, Wind back, and swing as hard as you freakin’ can.

If you miss.

Hell even if you strike out.

This won’t be your last at bat. Shake it off. Don’t get mad. Don’t get frustrated. Think about what you did wrong, Learn your lesson, and Next time your at bat. Crush one out of the park.

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Saturday Shred Session

Today I am challenging everyone to this workout. Scale the weight to what you would do for the appropriate rep range. All of the exercises were performed at a controlled tempo, focusing on muscle contraction of the working muscles. Rather than just “going through the motion”.


5-10 minutes @ 60% MHR

Muscle Activation: 2 sets no rest.

SB front plank- 1 minute

SB decline push-up with single leg knee tuck- 12 reps

SB glute bridge with single leg extension- 12 reps

Resistance: 2 sets 60 seconds rest between sets (none between exercises).

High incline DB chest press- 60 lbs. @ 12 reps.

Low incline DB chest press- 60 lbs. @ 12 reps.

Flat DB chest press- 60 lbs. @ 12 reps.

Single arm bench DB row- 60 lbs. @ 15 reps.

Alternating lunge with DB- 40 lbs. @ 12 reps/ leg.

Seated shoulder press- 40lbs. @ 15 reps

Pull ups- 3 sets of different grip @ 8-8-8 reps.

TRX rows- 3 sets of 12 reps bodyweight.

Hanging reverse crunch- 12 reps bodyweight.

Hanging rotating leg raises- 12 reps/ side bodyweight.

Leg extension- 3 drop sets 130-90-50 lbs.

Prone leg curl- 2 drop sets 130-70 lbs.

-rest 60 seconds and repeat-


Prone plank- as long as possible

Side plank- as long as possible

Reverse crunch- 15 reps

-rest and repeat-

(optional): 20 minutes cardio @ 65% MHR


There you have it guys. Try this workout, I guarantee you will feel good from head to toe afterwards. Enjoy your weekend. Keep checking back, I will be adding a bunch of material over the next few days. Including exercise videos, articles, and recipes.

*Chuck Stach*



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Three years since I was screwed

Three years ago today I had surgery on my right hand/wrist for the second time. Dr.Hand (I know it’s ironic) surgically placed one 4″ plate, eleven screws into my hand, and two 4″ pins into my pinky knuckle. Turning my arm into an erector set. The doctor also said that I would be very lucky to even be able to use my hand with full function. This ended my BMX career. After racing for 20 years, it was extremely difficult to cope mentally and physically with not competing anymore. Until last September did I find something that motivates me and clears my head like BMX did for me. This is truly focusing on my every decision of what enters my body. I also race mountain bikes, running events, did a tough mudder, and am in the best physique I’ve ever been in!!! I am very thankful for every opportunity I have taken advantage of. That I have amazing people that surround and support me. No matter what, you can guarantee that I will give it my all. If I don’t succeed in my goals at first, I will not let it discourage me. Rather encourage me to victory. I will not let anyone down, especially myself.


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