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3,500 is the magic number.

One pound of body fat takes up about as much space as a softball in your body. Although it is possible to lose more than this, one pound can be a good goal to keep you on track for consistent … Continue reading

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Sometimes we can really over complicate things. Today my workout was based on what I like to call the K.I.S.S. method. Keep It Simple Stupid is a great way to train sometimes because it is easy to change one variable … Continue reading

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Once is not enough…

Just as in 90% of things through life we have to do things more than once. Like go to work, stand up, walk around, things like that. But, really the things that I am talking about are anything that your … Continue reading

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Back Blast!!!

3 exercises per movement There are four major movement patterns that are involved in training the back appropriately. This also eliminates risk of injury or muscle imbalance development. Below are the movements involved. Row Reverse Fly Hi-lo Pull down Front … Continue reading

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International Chest Day.

Monday at every gym seems to be chest day, so I figured I would contribute to the line at the flat bench. Today I worked out with a client of mine and he got the golden dumbbell award. Circuit 1:  … Continue reading

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Metabolic Kick to my Stomach

Warm-up/Foam roll: Hip flexors, Quads, IT band, Glutes, and Hamstring. Resistance: circuit 1:3 sets 20 reps       60 sec. rest between sets   50 lbs. DB Squat 50 lbs. DB Step-up 50 lbs. DB Roman Dead Lift circuit 2: 3 … Continue reading

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Fitness has always been a passion of mine and something that has helped me conquer many challenges in my life. As a veteran certified personal trainer my intentions with this site is to give the fitness world an inside look … Continue reading

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