Metabolic Kick to my Stomach

Warm-up/Foam roll:

Hip flexors, Quads, IT band, Glutes, and Hamstring.


circuit 1:3 sets 20 reps       60 sec. rest between sets 

  1.  50 lbs. DB Squat

50 lbs. DB Step-up

50 lbs. DB Roman Dead Lift

circuit 2: 3 sets 12-15 reps    60 sec. rest between sets 

2.  Plank w/ single arm OH reach

Plank w/ single leg extension

Side plank w/ reach through and up

Side plank raises

V-up w/ 5 lbs. DB

Seated core rotations

Floor bridge



10-20 yd sprints      5 reps

20 yd sprints            5 reps

40 yd sprints            5 reps

Cool-down/ flexibility:

 Mckenzee press

Child pose

Kneeling hip flexor


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