Back Blast!!!

3 exercises per movement

There are four major movement patterns that are involved in training the back appropriately. This also eliminates risk of injury or muscle imbalance development. Below are the movements involved.

  • Row
  • Reverse Fly
  • Hi-lo Pull down
  • Front Pull-down

2-3 sets per movement

Here is what I did:


A: Bench Dumbell Rows 15 reps/50 lbs.

Body weight rows 15-20 reps

Cable machine Rope row 20 reps/60 lbs.

^Rest 60 Seconds^

Hi-Lo Pull down

B: Body weight Pull-up 12-15 reps

Assisted Pull-ups 15 reps/80 lbs.

Hi-lo Machine Lat. Pull-down 15 reps/100 lbs.

^Rest 60 Seconds^

Front Pull-down:

C: Front Straight Arm Pull Down 15 reps/ 70 lbs.

Kettle Bell Pull-over 15 reps/50 lbs.

^Rest 30 Seconds^

Reverse Fly:

D: Band reverse fly 20 reps/Red band

Machine Reverse Fly  15 reps/80 lbs.

* No rest between each exercise, Only between movement patterns*

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