Once is not enough…

Just as in 90% of things through life we have to do things more than once. Like go to work, stand up, walk around, things like that. But, really the things that I am talking about are anything that your looking for a result out of. You go to work… You get paid.

Consistency is key. What separates the pros from the Joe’s (no offense to the Joe’s that I know). Is one thing, Consistency, day in and day out these people put in the hard work to get to an elite level of performance. To put this in a more realistic situation. You want (Insert goal here). The only way you are going to accomplish (Insert goal here) is to consistently  do whatever it takes to get to that goal.

This brings me to my next point. Will is the next major component to achieving (Insert goal here). When I train athletes I look for what’s described  as the “eye of the dog”. Look at a dog that wants that nice, juicy steak you just pulled off the grill. That is the look you should see in someone’s eyes while they are training. The definition of will in this context is when your mind is saying “No more, I hate you” and you say “Shut up!!! I want this more than you!!!”.

On that note, I want to leave you with just two things. After you establish  (Insert goal here). All you have to do is these two simple things. If you go to work most of us work at least 75% of the week to get a paycheck. Consistency towards (Insert goal here), and when your body says “This is MISERABLE!” you need to have the will to slap you conscience in the face and say:

“I don’t care. I will (Insert goal here)!!!!”

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