3,500 is the magic number.

One pound of body fat takes up about as much space as a softball in your body. Although it is possible to lose more than this, one pound can be a good goal to keep you on track for consistent weight loss. The way I like to describe weight loss, it’s like a puddle. The more weight you lose the shallower the puddle gets. As this puddle/BF decreases we lose  fat were it is shallowest first. This is why people may get discouraged and think they are not losing much at first.

3,500 calories deficit is required to lose one pound of fat. This is an accumulation of 500 calories/ day lost. For the Soda drinkers out there, if two regular canned cokes are consumed a day.  Eliminating just those calories from your diet alone can be the 500 calories a day. Add another form of activity and you are into a greater deficit.

Another way to reduce your calorie intake throughout the day is substitution.  Replacing regular drinks with diet, using olive oil instead of butter to cook with, drinking water in place of soda, eating fruit replacing potato chips, eating smaller portions and many others. Although I don’t condone fat free or diet products, instilling lower calorie options are a great way to reduce calorie consumption and weight loss.

Vegetables, especially the dark greens are extremely important in a diet. Not only do they help your body absorb minerals and nutrients from the food we eat. They also help fill you up or satiate us from eating more food. Go crazy with eating dark greens!!!

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