There is no Magic Pill!!!!

Plain and simple, there is NO magic pill. Dietary supplements, fat burners, meal replacements, holy grails, fad diets, and many more marketing ploys are never alone going to get you results.

A Dietary supplement is exactly what the name states, they are to supplement what your deficits are throughout your daily diet. Some examples would include: If you do not eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, you should use a multivitamin to acquire your daily requirements. If you do not consume fish on a regular basis, you should consider taking a supplemental for of ALA or Alpha-Lenolenic Acid such as fish oil, flax seed, or olive oil. If you do not work outside or do not get exposed to the sun throughout the day, take vitamin D3 to obtain your daily requirement.

The point being a lot of times we take supplements thinking they are a cure all… They are not. We should consider our daily intakes and supplement what is not obtained from your diet. Make sure you hone in your diet first, then incorporate supplements. You will save time and money. Not to mention, many dietary supplements can actually be harmful to your body. There is such this as too much when it comes to vitamins.

Most supplements are NOT FDA approved or proven the product will work.

My personal supplemental intake is this:

Animal Pak– Multivitamin/anti-oxidant blend

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein

Natrol Vitamin D3

Sundown Fish oil

To sum things up, result come from a balance of the variables necessary to obtain your goals. The most common variables are: Diet, weightlifting, cardio, supplementation, and rest. In the appropriate pattern or with the correct observation and manipulation of these variables anything is possible, but they all rely on each other there is no one solution.

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