I challenge you!

On a weekly basis I would like everyone to think of one thing that is getting in the way of your fitness goals and eliminate it from your routine. We are creatures of habit and the first step to changing a habit is to start. There are also many ways to encourage the change you are making:

Tell as many people as you can

   People will hold you accountable. You friends and family will want to see you succeed at whatever you are trying to accomplish. Even if someone is jealous of your goal or change, I guarantee that person is going to keep track of your progress. If you slip, boy will they let you hear it.

Get others involved

Help your co-workers, family, or friends pick a goal of their own. Build a community of do-gooders. Support and check on each other. If you feel like slipping, or you are slipping, it is always pleasant to know you have someone to go to that is experiencing the same thing.

Write it down

Pad and paper, soap on the mirror, post-its, lipstick on your window, pen on your hand, whatever it may be write it down in a high traffic area for you. This can be a constant reminder of what it is you are accomplishing. Even writing down your thoughts in a time of stress can be a big relieve.

Monitor results

Concrete evidence that your change is working can be a great motivator. If you are trying to lower portions or eat less calories, tracking your weight or circumference measurements can show they are working. Think of what outcome you are looking to achieve from this change. This will let you know what it is you need to monitor for progress.


Journaling can be a great tool to spill emotions or track your achievement. Write how you feel, what are your obstacles, who you can go to for support, If you have accomplished the change for that day, all of these are samples of things you can write.


Whatever it is that you do. Realize that everyone is different and what works for one might not work for all. Choose a method, if it works stick to it, if not than change what you are doing. Don’t drag your feet.

I Challenge all of you to choose one thing to change that will bring you closer to your goal. Check in with me next week to let me know how well you are doing!!!

About stachtraining

http://www.stachtraining.com is designed and updated by NASM certified personal trainer Chuck Stach. The goal of the website is to provide daily health & fitness info, links, workouts, tips and more. Follow us to become a Fitness Junky and receive free updates to your e-mail.
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