3 Myths of a workout

Muscle burn during exercise

Some people think that when you workout it’s completely pointless unless you feel the burn. The burn you actually feel is nothing more than lactic acid (a by product of a muscle contraction). In all reality you are training your lactic threshold of that muscle group not necessarily “developing” that muscle, but training your body to be more efficient in developing less lactate during strenuous activity. Typically the types of workouts that will create this type of sensation are high volume (low weights/high reps). Hypertrophy or muscle building comes typically from low volume but strenuous exercise (high weights/low reps) Here is a link to better explain.


Muscle soreness after exercise 

Another common misconception is post-workout soreness is the main determinant that you had a good workout. Soreness is caused by the micro-trauma that’s a result of working out. When you work out you’re actually causing small tears in your muscle fibers. Not the common belief that it is the remaining lactic acid build-up accumulated throughout the exercises that remains in the muscle. This article give some more insight and tips on how to deal and cope with DOMS Delayed onset muscle soreness. It states also that you do not want to apply heat to muscle soreness for it will temporarily offer relief however indirect ice is a better choice.


Lifting weights will make you bulky 

Primarily endurance athletes, women, and many other workout advocates have the mentality that lifting weights will make you bulky or look like a pro bodybuilder. First off women can not get bulky from just weight training alone, women do not possess the hormones to bulk up. The women that are seen that look like body builders are taking anabolic androgenic supplements that provide them with hormones to accomplish a bodybuilders body. Weight training done in a goal appropriate manner is a great way to strengthen and tone muscle. Endurance sports are not conducive to muscle, most endurance events are catabolic (or use muscle as fuel). As for endurance athletes weight training has many benefits for you as well.  Such as making for a stronger end of your season by supplying you with more muscle to burn. Making you stronger throughout the race (i.e. to make you a better climber, better off the start, better tolerance for lactic acid, preventing injury, strengthening joints, and much more). Lifting weights can also speed up your metabolism for up to 36 hours, were even the most intense cardio can only stimulate your metabolism during the exercise and 18 hours post-workout.


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