5 exercises you should never do!

We all know that proper diet and exercise are the staples to getting results. However getting a training related injury can really set you back. Here are a few exercises you should NOT incorporate into your workout.

1. Behind the neck ANYTHING!

Lifting, pressing, pulling or whatever to plan on doing. Do not bring the load behind your neck. This can be devastating to your AC joint and can lead to pulling, straining or worse yet tearing a muscle or tendon in your shoulder. For example: Lat pull-downs and shoulder presses from behind your neck. Overhead tricep extension and a rear squat are the only time you should have a barbell in that area.

2. Close-grip upright rows

This is another exercise that can be detrimental to your shoulder health. The leverage and pressure that is applied to your shoulder joint during this exercise is high and with continuous use can lead to an injury. In order to make this a safe exercise, simply widen your grip to slightly more narrow then your should width.

3. Heavy weighted plyometrics or jumps.

Anytime you load the spine the motion should be controlled. Loading the spine (weight on shoulders, weight by your sides or weight at your shoulders.) with a bunch of weight then jumping with it is equivalent to throwing a train off a cliff and expecting it to land on it’s track… it’s just not going to happen. No matter what the exercise, when you perform plyometrics or explosive movements, you should never use more than 10-20% of your 1 rep max.

4. Mix stability exercises with strength training.

 All to often I see people in the gym standing on a BOSU ball with weight they can barely handle and perform an exercise. The purpose of stability work is to improve balance and muscle control to increase someones ability to balance or be stable. The purpose of strength training is to lift as much weight as you can (maximal strength) or lift as much as you can for as long as you can (strength endurance). Therefore decreasing the foundation while strength training is just flirting with an injury. Training with stability and strength training should be inversely proportionate. As you increase the weight your base should become more stable, and as you decrease the strength required movement you can decrease the stability of the exercise.

5. Heavy spinal hyperextension 

To many people think they are going to make their back strong overnight and end up waking up the next morning in pain and agony. Anytime you are training the lower back you should make small increments in the load you are applying on the lower back, wether it is a dead lift, back extension, squat, RDL, good morning, or any other exercise that requires a large recruitment of your lower back. Be progressive, use small increments, and pay attention to the difference between fatigue and strain. You will thank me in the morning when you get out of bed.

Stay away from these 5 things and aches and pains will stay away from you. Get out and get fit.

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