Today is the day.

The longer you put something off the more of a chance that it just fades away. There are many ways to motivate yourself, or to ensure that you stay on track. Today I am going to discuss a few things that will get you moving and keep that ball rolling.

Workout partner:

A workout partner can be very useful, and motivating. wether they are a friend that is positive on a regular basis and push you when you really don’t want to be pushed. On the other end of the spectrum are the people who get under your skin. When I say this it’s because these type of people really push me. They make fun of you, tell you “you’re weak”, anything that will really get you fired up.

With this being said pick someone that is:

  • dependable and will show up to your workouts.
  • A partner that has similar goals should also fit your workout partners criteria. Because if you are training for weight loss and they are trying to gain weight obviously you are going in different directions and one of you will bring the other down.
  • Someone that will bust your chops if you start falling off. Don’t worry if you are not the same strength or fitness level, usually this will result in both people pushing harder.


When I say atmosphere, I am not referring to if it is a nice day out or not. I am talking about the gym you are working out at, the people that are in it, and the surrounding commerce in the area around the gym. You don’t want to be suckered into the chinese buffet every time you leave the gym. Even I have signed up for a gym, gone once, and never gone again. It just wasn’t the right fit for me. Choose a gym that walking in alone makes you want to workout.

Here are the things to look for in a gym:

  • Up to date equipment
  • Socializing members or the lack of
  • Motivating atmosphere
  • Cleanliness
  • Group classes

Although these are not the only things I look for it is a great start.

Certified Personal Trainer:

This can be a great motivating factor. If you are just seeing them once a month to perform an assessment to check your progress and give you tips. Or if you are training with them on a regular basis. Personal trainers can be a great way to hold you accountable, as well as motivate you and make sure you are working smarter not harder. A personal trainer should educate you not just kick your butt in the gym. As a personal trainer myself I prefer to educate my clients at the same time i.e. Diet, sample workouts, cardio templates, stretch routines, flexibility, goal setting, and habit forming. I also make sure that my clients are working safely and efficiently. I guarantee results as long as you follow my direction.

Signing up for an event:

I don’t mean go out with no running experience at all, and sign up for the Chicago Marathon 3 months from now. Not that it can’t be done the wear and tear your joints as well as the stress your body will endure in that time frame is to harsh. Give yourself adequate time to achieve your goal. There are many different events some are more for fun than competition. For example there are many 5k/10k/half marathon event that utilize body paint, music, costumes, and obstacles to optimize the fun aspect.  is a great website that has many events and races posted and updated regularly.

*Remember fitness is like a marathon not a sprint. It takes time to get results. Persistence and consistency are the two things you MUST be in order to obtain your goals no matter how grand or minute the goal(s) may be. *




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