10 things you can do to increase fat loss.

1. Don’t skip meals! Let me say this again… DON’T SKIP MEALS. You should be eating something every 3 hours. Even if you are coming off a horrible cheat meal, don’t skip your next meal. It will only add to the damage already done. Get back on track with high fiber foods, and plenty of water.

2. Eat breakfast. This goes along with the tip above. Breakfast is a meal too. If you are going to do empty stomach cardio or maybe you are fasting, you should still consume at least your Branched Chain Amino Acids or protein shake to feed your body something other than muscle. Also, getting your metabolism revving as soon as your feet hit the ground.

3. Drink water. Dehydration and hunger have the same response in your body. If your tummy rumbles, drink a glass of water. If it continues to rumble or it has been 2.5-3 hours since your last meals then feed yourself. Water also helps your organs function properly as well as aiding in a process called lipolysis (fat burning mode). You should consume 1 ounce of water per kilogram of bodyweight.

4. Eat enough! I know it seems like a backward philosophy from some crazy body builder, but if you don’t eat enough calories your body will hold onto the calories you do consume (ie. metabolism slows) because it goes into starvation mode.

5. Quality foods only! I don’t care if you are a professional athlete or an average Joe/Suzy. You need to FUEL your body as if it were a race car, high octane fuel only. When you eat junk, you are slowing your metabolism as well as your fitness goals. Try to stick to whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, plant and animal proteins. Do your best to  minimize the processed foods you consume too.

6. Protein with every meal. Remember proteins are the building blocks of your muscle. Also, protein is the hottest burning macronutrient. When I say this I mean it is like adding straight oxygen to a fire, the fire being your metabolism. With the increase in protein intake you need to keep your water intake high. Low water intake with a high protein intake makes your kidneys work harder than necessary.

7. Go for the greens. Any of your dark greens; collards, kale, spinach, etc. Are extremely high in nutrients and vitamins. They also provide your body with fiber. This does two things for your body; it helps with digestion, absorption of food, and nutrients, also helping push food through your digestive system. Not to mention the flora (probiotics) and beneficial phytonutrients.

8. Weightlifting increases your cardio much more than cardio. The most intense cardio session will only stimulate your metabolism for a max of 16 hours. On the contrast an intense weightlifting session can increase your metabolism for up to 38 hours. Enough said. DON’T SKIP THE WEIGHTS.

9. To piggy back that. Bigger muscle groups burn more calories. Therefor, when you weight train, combine smaller muscle groups i.e. Biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs, and calves with larger muscle groups. Your largest muscle groups are your glutes, quads, hamstrings, back, and chest. Pair one of these with 1-2 smaller muscle groups and you will be on your way to weight loss. Compound exercises that use multiple muscle groups are Squats, Dead lifts, Presses, Pulls, and fly exercises.

10. Keep a fitness journal. This is a great tool for checking progress. A fitness journal should include these things: Food intake (how much), food timing (when), hours of sleep, mood (why), and your workout. Including such things in your journal will keep you accountable and on track. I guarantee you won’t want to cheat as much or skip a workout if you keep your own journal.

These were my top ten weight loss tips. With the above ten things accomplishing your goals should be simple. I look forward to hearing about your progress. Now get out and get fit!

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