Take the CAR out of Cardio!

I am going straight to the point and keeping it simple. The easiest way to burn extra calories is through what us fitness professionals call NEPA. The abbreviation is simple, None Exercise Physical Activity. Hence, the title of this blog post. NEPA is simply walking to the store if you live close enough, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, even more simple is parking furthest away from the stores you visit daily. This extra activity may not seem like much however by the end of the week. That extra 100-200 calories add up to 700-1,400 calories added to your total caloric burn. With there being a 3,500 calorie  deficit required to burn a pound of fat, this little bit of NEPA has you that much closer to your goal.

Remember weight loss is acquired from burning more calories than you take in; creating a caloric deficit. Where weight gain is obtained through consuming more than you burn; creating a  caloric surplus.

Other examples of NEPA include: Casual bike ride, walking the dog or the beach/park, hiking, swimming. Basically anything that is including physical activity done at a casual pace. It can even include throwing a football/frisbee, yoga, Pilates, <- the last two can also get pretty intense if you have never tried. Anyways the point of this whole article is to get your butt outside and moving. The more you move the better you feel! Find something fun and DO IT!!!

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