Tough stuff!!!

Workout: rest 45-60 seconds between exercises

  • 20-30 pull ups

If necessary use the assisted pull up machine or have a partner help you by holding your feet. Do as many as you can rest for 10 seconds and continue repeating as many times as it takes to get to the rep range.

  • 20-50 push ups

Same thing do as many as you can until you can’t do any more, rest for 10 seconds in the locked out position of your push-up, then continue and repeat as necessary until the rep range is acquired. If you can not do any more and you have not reached your reps then you can modify the push-up by dropping your knees.

  • 50 bodyweight speed squats

These are meant to be performed as fast as you can.  Preferable depth is to go down until thighs are parallel to the ground. Again do as many reps as possible resting for 10 seconds and repeat as needed.

  • 25 burpees

Start with a squat, hands to ground, kick your feet out, push up, stand up, and jump. same rules apply to all exercises, rest as needed for 10 seconds then continue until 25 is reached. To modify this exercise: you can take the push up out of the complex or the jump, even both if needed.

  • 1 mile run

Key here is to run/jog. If you can manage at this point do NOT walk.


Good luck and perform as many rounds as possible.

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