Back breaker

This was my personal workout for today. Other than this I am going to spend some time swimming in the pool approximately 1500m. I assume that my back and shoulders are going to be annihilated tomorrow. My focus on this workout is to hit most every movement pattern that your back and shoulder blades move in. Begin the workout with a lighter weight and increase each set.

Workout: 3-4 sets per circuit. Rest for 60-90 seconds between each circuit.

     A) Circuit 1

  • 1a. Face cable pulls: 12-15 reps 

Use a rope grip on a cable machine and pull the cable to the bridge of your nose keeping your elbows at the same height as your hands. 

  • 2a. Single arm kneeling high to low cable row: 12-15 reps

The first two sets I performed this exercise with my palm beginning in the pronated or downward facing direction, then ending with my hand in the neutral or thumbs up position. The second two I started the same (Pronated) and ended with my palms up.

  •  3a. Seated reverse fly machine: 8-12 reps 

Focus on keeping a slight bend in your elbows, don’t let your chest touch the pad, a full pinch or contraction between your shoulder blades, and to minimize the rocking throughout the motion.

  • 4a. Assisted pull up: 15-25 reps

Using a weight that allows you to get 5-10 more reps than you can do with bodyweight alone. Your shoulders and hands should stay in line with your ears, pulling through your pinky fingers. While bringing your chin above your hands. I used 50 lbs. assisted and got 25 reps per set.

B) Circuit 2

  • 1b. Standing wide grip upright row: 15-20 reps 

With a barbell stand with feet about shoulder width. Starting with your hand in a relaxed position about hip height, bring your hands up until the bar about touches your chin. Elbows should be just about straight above the bar at the end position.

  • 2b. Seated bent over dumbbell fly: 10-15 reps

While seated on a bench bend over with dumbbells (DB’s) in a palms down position behind your knees. Maintain a flat/straight back and bring the DB’s outstretched at shoulder height, palms should be facing the ground.

  • 3b. Rope grip cable rotation with press: 10-15 reps 

Position the cable in a high to low position, with arms above your head and to one side, grab the cable. Bring the cable to the opposite lower side than you began (If you start with your arms to upper right you will end with your arms extended to the lower left). As the cable passes your body it should be as close to your stomach as possible before extending and pressing the arms to the lower position.


That concludes your workout for today. Don’t forget to use weight that allows you to maintain proper form however is difficult to complete the last few reps of the exercise. Have fun and stay fit!!!


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