Swimmers’ abs

Today’s workout comes from my personal workout. Not to mention that I taught/participated in a bootcamp immediately before this. Recently as in the last 2 months I have discovered the benefits of swimming. Having broken 20+ bones and had an equal amount of concussions, I needed to find something that wasn’t as hard on my body as running has been. Swimming has been the ticket. With that being said her is today’s workout:


  • 10 minute warm-up (sprint final 2 minutes)
  • 10 minute leg buoy form drills
  • 15 minutes of 50 yard laps (aim to sprint on the minute)

Ab circuit:

  • Stability ball plank

With elbows on stability ball, and keeping your back straight. Hold a plank position while  drawing in your belly button and tightening your glutes.  To advance this motion: spell your name in cursive with your elbows.

  • Stability ball knee tuck

Think of a push up position with your toes or the top of your feet on a stability ball. Now while keeping your core tight and without raising your butt into the air. Tuck your knees as close to your chest as you can. Keep the motion slow and controlled for best abdominal stimulation. 

  • Stability ball crunch

After sitting on the stability ball roll down so the ball is centered on your lower back. You should almost feel as if you are going to fall backwards. Trying to keep the back as straight as possible perform a crunch. I prefer to place my hands beside my neck so that I don’t strain my neck from pulling on it. 

  • Weighted  functional sit up

Lay with your back to the ground and a weight placed in your hands. Choose a weight that you can still sit up without raising your feet off the ground. Also, that you can maintain a straight back throughout the exercise. The functional part to this exercise is keeping your back straight. Otherwise it is performed just like a traditional sit-up.

Due to the slow and controlled form of these exercises I performed 3 sets of 8-12 reps. See how many you can do, but remember. You want to go as slow as you can.

Good luck and happy abs!

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