Bounce a quarter off it workout

We have all heard the term “bounce a quarter off it!” this is usually in relation to a firm butt. Today we are going to add a whole other meaning to the phrase. Bouncing a quarter off our butts and abs. In other words you can expect to be sore in your abs and butt tomorrow!

Circuit : The workout is designed for 2 leg exercises and 2 core exercises two times. The core exercises act as active recovery allowing your heart rate to reduce between exercises. Perform the recommended rep range 2-4 times through. Resting as needed, however pushing to complete the circuit before resting.  

Floor bridges: 15-20 reps 3 second hold

laying on your back with feet flat on ground and knees bent. Pushing through feet and raising glutes as high into the air as you can. You can progress this exercise by simply bringing your feet together while performing the hip thrust.

Front lunges: 10-20 reps per leg

Stepping forward while simultaneously bending both knees. Keep your back straight with the shoulders back without your front knee moving past the toes. Pushing through the front heel return to the standing position.

Superman: 10-20 reps

Lay flat on your stomach and extend your arms straight above the head and point toes. Without touching the ground with your toes or hands raise both as high as possible. Raising the feet with your knees straight, contracting the glutes. Not your lower back. Repeat motion without touching the ground.

seated balance: As Long as possible for 2-3 reps

Simply sit your butt on the ground. Lean back with your back straight and your shoulder blades pinched back. With good posture bring your feet off the ground and balance. To make this more challenging extend your arms in front of you and wave them at the elbow.

deep squats: 10-25 reps

Using triple extension. Bend your knees, hips, and ankles simultaneously resulting in your butt becoming closer to the ground. Go as low as you can without pain, or your knees passing in front of your toes. Return to a standing position while contracting your glutes.

reverse lunges: 10-20 reps per leg

Stepping backwards this time, while simultaneously bending both knees. Keep your back straight with the shoulders back without your front knee moving past the toes. Pushing through the back toe return to the standing position.

mountain climbers: 10-20 reps per leg

Get into a push-up or otherwise known as a high plank. Keeping your back straight, drawn in your belly button and raise one foot. With the foot off the ground bring the same knee to the opposite elbow. While the back is remaining straight and butt does not poke into the air. Bring the foot back to the starting “push-up” position. Repeat the motion with the opposite leg. This is one. Repeat the above for 15-20 reps.

moguls: 10-15 reps (all 3 directions)

Again in the high plank position, this time jumping with both feet. Bring your knees to your chest. Then jumping again and returning to the push-up position. To complete the motion jump to both the right and left sides. One after the other. Once you have done all three; knees to chest, to the right, and to the left you have completed one rep.

Rest for 60-90 seconds and repeat. 


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