Total annihilation tuesday: dumb bells

Today we are going to perform a total body workout that will send you crawling back to your mother begging for mercy. Well, maybe not that intense. The goal is however to annihilate yourself, giving this workout your all.

Circuit: minimal rest between exercises.

120 seconds rest after completing the circuit, before starting second and third set/round. The weights I use are included as well as the rep range you are aiming to complete. You should be able to complete the rep range without stopping for the stated repetitions.

Dumb bell incline press (65 lbs.) 15-20 reps.

Dumb bell flat bench press (65 lbs.) 15-20 reps.

Dumb bell decline press (65 lbs.) 15-20 reps.

Dumb bell squat (65 lbs.) 20-25 reps.

Dumb bell bench row (65 lbs.) 15-20 reps

Dumb bell front lunge (45 lbs.) 12-15 reps. per leg

Dumb bell overhead shoulder press (45 lbs.) 15-20 reps

Dumb bell straight leg dead lift (60 lbs.) 20-25 reps

Dumb bell bicep curl (40 lbs.) 12-15 reps

Dumb bell step up (65 lbs.) 12-15 reps each leg

Dumb bell triceps kickback (25 lbs.) 15-20 reps.

After performing three sets of this I swam for 30 minutes consecutive. Then resting for 2 minutes, allowing my heart rate to return to resting. To finish off this workout I did 5- 50 yard sprints resting for 30 seconds between each sprint.

This is one workout of two that I will execute today. The second being Payne Park Bootcamp that I instruct and partake in.

Good luck, and Great workout!


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