Who is Stachtraining?

Chuck StachCharles Frank Stach III (Chuck Stach) is the heart & soul behind Stachtraining. Since 2006 as a certified personal trainer Chuck has been helping people from strong men competitors, professional athletes, average Jane and Joe’s. As well as individuals with serious health impairments such as spinal bifida, stroke victims, and cancer patients. From 8 years old to 80 years old.

Genuine and passionate are two characteristics that are always used when describing Charles. Choosing personal training to solely benefit others. Inspiring, assisting, and educating clients to accomplish their fitness goals in a safe, efficient manor at an optimum rate. Known for going the extra mile (sometimes literally) for anyone whom ask for assistance.  Chuck takes pride in being honest to his clients, providing them with facts about their fitness goals. Using systematic progression to strategically concur even the most difficult habits and long term goals. This ensures that goals can be not only successful, but lasting a lifetime.

“He is a walking encyclopedia” -Holly Beck IFBB Bikini Pro

Daytona Bmx

Competing throughout the U.S.A. for about twenty years in the NBL acquiring many Florida state #1 titles. Having trainers himself since the age of 7 shows the competitive spirit Chuck has since a young age. This being a sport that is not about if you get hurt, but when you get hurt. Landing him with many injuries at a young age. 27 broken bones, a 4″ plate with 11 screws, and 25 concussions, at 26 years old. With this in mind Chuck decided that being there for his clients was more important than pursuing a professional career racing.

Tough Mudder

Currently as a Personal trainer Chuck participates in many events throughout the year with clients of his. The above photo is with Adam Gillick, client since 2010, together the two have competed in many dirty duo competitions placing in the top 5 every year. Participated in the Tough Mudder, finishing in the top 5% which qualified the two for the World’s Toughest Mudder. Participating in many mountain bike events, from 35 mile races to 6 hour competitions. This is a trainer who is dedicated to his clients, doing anything it take to motivate and inspire his clients.

This is Chuck's 6 week transformation.

This is Chuck’s 6 week transformation.


No matter what your goals are; Weight gain/loss, tone muscle, be healthy, sports performance, nutritional advice, or rehabilitation. Chuck Stach is going to put his heart and soul into getting you there.  With having over 6 years of experience, he will guarantee any of his services to get you results.

Contact Chuck today to set up your free consultation.

Chuck Stach


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About stachtraining

http://www.stachtraining.com is designed and updated by NASM certified personal trainer Chuck Stach. The goal of the website is to provide daily health & fitness info, links, workouts, tips and more. Follow us to become a Fitness Junky and receive free updates to your e-mail.
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