Back to the basics

The title of this workout says it all, it is a simple but effective back workout. Targeting the entire musculature of the back. Another thing this workout is taking into consideration is the full range of motion the back performs.

Circuit 1:

2-3 sets resting for 90 seconds between sets.


Band external rotation- (15-20 reps)

slow and controlled.

Keeping the elbow tight to the ribs and keeping the palm facing forward. Take the hand away from the body.

Standing cable row- (12-15 reps)

Pinch the shoulder blades together completely & hold. Then return to arms being extended, repeat from the beginning.

High to low pull down- (12-15 reps)

Pulling the weight to the front of your chest, drive your elbows straight down to your rib cage. Then extend your arms above your head until arm is straight. Repeat.

Standing reverse fly- (15-20 reps)

Using either a cable or band, with a slight bend in your elbow. Maintain the original bend and extend arms to your side pinching behind your shoulder blades at the end. Repeat the exercise.

Dumb bell bent over row- (12-15 reps)

Pinching the shoulder blades back, bend forward until back is at a 45 degree angle. While keeping the shoulders back extend your arms out (letting them hang straight down). Keep your elbows tight to the ribs and bring your hands and DB’s next to your ribcage with palms up.

Assisted pull up- (15-20 reps)

At this point in the circuit your back should be pretty tired. Choose an assistance weight that can allow you to complete the desired rep range of pull ups WITHOUT stopping. Also, make sure that you go all the way down (elbows straight) and up (chin above the bar).

Dumb bell shoulder shrug (12-15 reps)

Holding dumb bells next to your sides. Raise your shoulders to your ears, DO NOT roll the shoulders, then return the shoulders to a relaxed position.


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