Pre- and Post-workout Nutrition.


There are two very important windows in your day. One being what you eat before you workout, and the other is what you eat after your workout. The other being what your fuel your body with before you workout.


In your pre-workout meal you want to include slow burning carbs, with a solid protein source, and a fat source as well.  The object is to provide food to your body that will stick with you through your workout and provide you with energy to perform at your optimum rate. You want to eat this meal 1-2 hours before you workout.


Examples of good pre-workout carbs:

Yams                           Beans                 Oranges

Sweet Potato              Lentils                Plum

Brown Rice                Millet                  Pears

Quinoa                        Wheat germ      Peaches

Cous Cous                  Wild rice            dark greens

Buck Wheat               Oats                    wild rice

Barley                         Amaranth


Pre-workout proteins:

Turkey               Tilapia                Steak

Chicken              Cod                    Buffalo

Salmon              Maui Maui         Pork

Grouper            Tuna                           Ostrich

Halibut               Shrimp


Pre-workout meal example:

Meal #1

Salmon 4-6 ounces

Sweet potato (medium) 6-8 ounces

Asparagus- as much as you want


Meal #2

Tilapia 4-6 ounces

Brown rice 3/4 – 1 cup

½ Avocado

Kale chips/ dark greens


Post workout:

Your post-workout nutrition should be quick to absorb, and contain a blend of 2 grams of Carbohydrates/ to 1 gram of protein. (I.e. 50g of carbs/ 25grams of protein). You have a 20-45 minute window to get food into your body. Otherwise your body will consume nutrients from the muscle you workso hard to maintain or build. Both pre and post workout meals/snacks can contain fat of some source.


Examples of good Post workout carbs:

Blackberries              Chocolate          Maltodextrin     Oats

Blueberries                Honey                dextrose            mango

Raspberries               Kiwi                    waxy maize       Kale

Strawberries              Watermelon      Honeydew

Banana                       turbinado          Collards

Grapes                        Milk                    spring greens


Post workout Proteins:

Whey protein            cottage cheese

Green pea protein     spirulina

Hemp protein            Fish

Rice protein


Healthy Fat examples: Either pre- or post-

Avocado            Organic Butter           Almond

Sardines            Coconut oil                 Peanuts

Salmon              Brazil nuts                  Cashews

Fish oil               Chestnuts                   Cheese

Olive oil             Walnuts


Post-workout examples:

Shake #1

Whey protein 25g

½ cupBlackberries

½ cup Blueberries

½ Banana

Coconut milk/flakes


Shake #2

Green pea protein

Almond milk

½ Avocado




 Meal #1

½ Cottage cheese

peach (medium)


Fruit of choice

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