The Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss does not happen over night. Your fat did just appear over night, and it will not be nearly as easy as it was to put on. But it will be worth it. Think of your health, and being around for a long time to see them grow up. Think about the things you will be able to do that you “CAN’T” right now. You CAN accomplish whatever YOU put your mind to.



If you are training for weight loss, remember to include resistance training in with your cardio. Muscle burns fat, resistance training builds muscle. Doing cardio alone will burn muscle with fat. You will lose good and bad.


However nutrition is numero uno. Without proper nutrition, you will NOT get results or lose weight. You Can’t workout enough to get away from a bad diet.


Consume smaller meals frequently throughout the day. Focus first on the quality instead of quantity, then focus on portion. The hands down easiest way to monitor your intake is with a food journal. Write down how many calories you are consuming (that’s food and drink) and monitor your weight at the beginning and the end. If you gained weight, you ate to many calories. If you lost weight, kudos you burned more calories that you consumed.


Lastly, there is such thing as eating too little amount of food. No one should consume less that about 1200 calories for females and 2000 for males. You need to consume quality calories to burn calories. I know it’s a messed up concept but if you don’t consume enough. Your body goes into starvation mode and conserves calories. If you eat “enough”, along with physical activity, your body realizes it is ok to burn calories.


Chuck Stach

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  1. – Wow, Good Job. Your looking great, keep it up. 😉

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