Saturday Shred Session

Today I am challenging everyone to this workout. Scale the weight to what you would do for the appropriate rep range. All of the exercises were performed at a controlled tempo, focusing on muscle contraction of the working muscles. Rather than just “going through the motion”.


5-10 minutes @ 60% MHR

Muscle Activation: 2 sets no rest.

SB front plank- 1 minute

SB decline push-up with single leg knee tuck- 12 reps

SB glute bridge with single leg extension- 12 reps

Resistance: 2 sets 60 seconds rest between sets (none between exercises).

High incline DB chest press- 60 lbs. @ 12 reps.

Low incline DB chest press- 60 lbs. @ 12 reps.

Flat DB chest press- 60 lbs. @ 12 reps.

Single arm bench DB row- 60 lbs. @ 15 reps.

Alternating lunge with DB- 40 lbs. @ 12 reps/ leg.

Seated shoulder press- 40lbs. @ 15 reps

Pull ups- 3 sets of different grip @ 8-8-8 reps.

TRX rows- 3 sets of 12 reps bodyweight.

Hanging reverse crunch- 12 reps bodyweight.

Hanging rotating leg raises- 12 reps/ side bodyweight.

Leg extension- 3 drop sets 130-90-50 lbs.

Prone leg curl- 2 drop sets 130-70 lbs.

-rest 60 seconds and repeat-


Prone plank- as long as possible

Side plank- as long as possible

Reverse crunch- 15 reps

-rest and repeat-

(optional): 20 minutes cardio @ 65% MHR


There you have it guys. Try this workout, I guarantee you will feel good from head to toe afterwards. Enjoy your weekend. Keep checking back, I will be adding a bunch of material over the next few days. Including exercise videos, articles, and recipes.

*Chuck Stach*



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