Friday Fitday

Today I am going to switch it up. Challenging you to eat clean, exercise, and just flat out move more this weekend. Society has molded each and every one of us to believe there is an instant fix for everything. However I am here to break it to you. THAT’S NOT THE CASE! It takes an organized plan of attack 90% of the time. The other 10% occurs by flat out luck.

With this being said. I want you to coordinate a plan of ATTACK! Attack meaning: YOU have to take action. YOU have to do something about it. Whatever “IT” is to you. unleash such a fury of effort that you surprise yourself. That you look back at the end result (Your Goal) and think “holy crap I did it!”.

Although this is a challenge, most of you will give up. Some of you may “fail”. But, this is not the end. A “failure” is never a true failure, it is a lesson. It’s up to YOU to learn that lesson and become a stronger person. We all have to power to succeed at anything YOU put your mind to.

So step up to the plate, Wind back, and swing as hard as you freakin’ can.

If you miss.

Hell even if you strike out.

This won’t be your last at bat. Shake it off. Don’t get mad. Don’t get frustrated. Think about what you did wrong, Learn your lesson, and Next time your at bat. Crush one out of the park.

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