Two Circuit Tuesday

Today’s workout is in a superset fashion. Meaning that you are training two opposing muscle groups back to back. While one muscle group works during one exercise, it should be resting during the next. Allowing you to go straight from one exercise to the other with minimal rest.

Warm up:
-front plank 1 min
-glute bridge 1 min
-side plank 1 min
-superman 1 min

-rest 30 seconds then repeat 3 times-

Circuit 1

-bench press
-squat with dumb bells
-pull up
-leg press

-rest 60-90 secs and repeat 3 times –

Circuit 2
-seated row
-chest dumb bell fly
-straight leg deadlift
-leg extension

-rest 60-90 secs and repeat 3 times-

Enjoy your two circuit Tuesday!!!

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