Beat the Heat!

Here in The Sunshine State the sun can beat down on you with extreme ferocity. Most cases of harm from the sun are uncomfortable, but continual exposure to the radiation can lead to sometimes fatal disease.  Some ways to avoid the damage the UV rays can do to our bodies are:

1.) Sunscreen- Personally I use Aveeno Active Naturals. This stuff is great, it can be applied to wet or dry skin. 30-50 SPF is all that is necessary. Current research shows that the difference in protection using anything more is minimal (  My best experience is that applying this sunblock to skin first before exposure to the sun, then re-applying 1-2 more times in the length of the day. For those that worry about tanning. This leaves me tanning without burning, peeling, and losing any of my tan. Making sure that I cover my ears, back of neck, face, shoulders and other highly exposed areas.Aveeno-Mineral-Block-SPF-30_Aveeno-Hydrosport-Sunblock-Spray_Maybelline-NY-Baby-Lips-SPF-20




2.)Hat and/or UV protection long sleeve quick drying shirt. Many brands these days make clothing that is specifically made to reduce UV exposure. Columbia and UnderArmor are two major brands that make clothing that has this feature.

columbia shirt

3.) Hydration- One of the most immediately fatal symptoms of heat/sun exposure is heat stroke, or heat exhaustion. Staying properly hydrated is crucial for your body to be able to cool down. Yes, many of us are de-conditioned for prolonged heat exposure. Many times the amount of water lost through perspiration is often underestimated. “Proper hydration is to pre-hydrate.” To ensure proper hydration water consumption should begin in advance from any physical event or day in the heat/sun.  Recommended daily intake should be around 1 fluid ounce to every Kilogram the individual weighs. I weigh 185 lbs. therefor I should be drinking a minimum of about 95 fluid ounces of water per day. Now I am highly physically active and much of my activity is done outside, in the heat. During the summer it is common for me to drink give or take 2 gallons of water. Tervis-Water-Bottle-

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