High intensity Kettle bell workout!!!

I’m going to be getting into writing articles and posting videos more frequently, so get ready for some killer workouts because I’m feeling spunky. Today’s workout is going to be a HIIT workout based from supersets utilizing Kettle bells.

Warm up:

5-10 minutes of cardio of choice.

SMR/foam rolling:

-hip flexor

-IT band

-Lower back


Activation exercises/ corrective exercises:

-Front Plank (AMAP)

Hold As long as possible.

Tighten butt and draw belly button towards the spine.


-Glute bridges (15 SLOW reps)

Lay on your back in a supine position, facing the ceiling.

flex glutes at top of position

tilt hips towards the belly button, to minimize the lower back engagement.

-Wall angels (15 SLOW reps)

Place your back against a wall

Raise hands above the head, keeping the elbows and shoulders against the wall.

Bring elbows back down the wall with the hands staying against the wall and directly above the elbow.


Workout: (Weights are what I would use. Do what YOU can.)

-KB hip swings (15-20 reps) 65lbs.

-Front Plank (AMAP) Bodyweight

-Alternating Front lunge w/ single arm overhead KB rack (15 reps/ leg) 25 lbs.

-Seated balance (AMAP) sitting on butt or BOSU.

-Double arm standing “Arnold” shoulder press w/ KB’s (15-20 reps) 30 lbs.

-KB goblet squat (80 lbs.) 20 reps

REPEAT 2-3 times resting for 90 seconds per circuit.

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