WTF Wednesday!

Challenge yourself today! You are capable of much more than you know. Today is going to be one of those WTF workouts that make you question your sanity. To make it even better, there will be no weight added. Only you and your body teaching your will power a lesson.


5-10 min. run



Pull-ups: AMAP (As many as possible)

Squat jumps: 15-20 reps

Push-ups: AMAP

Lunge jump: Alternate feet, 10-15/leg

Burpees: 12-20 reps

Front plank: until failure

Sit ups: 50 reps

Rest and Repeat:

2-4 times!

Remember YOU CAN DO IT!

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The Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss does not happen over night. Your fat did just appear over night, and it will not be nearly as easy as it was to put on. But it will be worth it. Think of your health, and being around for a long time to see them grow up. Think about the things you will be able to do that you “CAN’T” right now. You CAN accomplish whatever YOU put your mind to.



If you are training for weight loss, remember to include resistance training in with your cardio. Muscle burns fat, resistance training builds muscle. Doing cardio alone will burn muscle with fat. You will lose good and bad.


However nutrition is numero uno. Without proper nutrition, you will NOT get results or lose weight. You Can’t workout enough to get away from a bad diet.


Consume smaller meals frequently throughout the day. Focus first on the quality instead of quantity, then focus on portion. The hands down easiest way to monitor your intake is with a food journal. Write down how many calories you are consuming (that’s food and drink) and monitor your weight at the beginning and the end. If you gained weight, you ate to many calories. If you lost weight, kudos you burned more calories that you consumed.


Lastly, there is such thing as eating too little amount of food. No one should consume less that about 1200 calories for females and 2000 for males. You need to consume quality calories to burn calories. I know it’s a messed up concept but if you don’t consume enough. Your body goes into starvation mode and conserves calories. If you eat “enough”, along with physical activity, your body realizes it is ok to burn calories.


Chuck Stach

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Pre- and Post-workout Nutrition.


There are two very important windows in your day. One being what you eat before you workout, and the other is what you eat after your workout. The other being what your fuel your body with before you workout.


In your pre-workout meal you want to include slow burning carbs, with a solid protein source, and a fat source as well.  The object is to provide food to your body that will stick with you through your workout and provide you with energy to perform at your optimum rate. You want to eat this meal 1-2 hours before you workout.


Examples of good pre-workout carbs:

Yams                           Beans                 Oranges

Sweet Potato              Lentils                Plum

Brown Rice                Millet                  Pears

Quinoa                        Wheat germ      Peaches

Cous Cous                  Wild rice            dark greens

Buck Wheat               Oats                    wild rice

Barley                         Amaranth


Pre-workout proteins:

Turkey               Tilapia                Steak

Chicken              Cod                    Buffalo

Salmon              Maui Maui         Pork

Grouper            Tuna                           Ostrich

Halibut               Shrimp


Pre-workout meal example:

Meal #1

Salmon 4-6 ounces

Sweet potato (medium) 6-8 ounces

Asparagus- as much as you want


Meal #2

Tilapia 4-6 ounces

Brown rice 3/4 – 1 cup

½ Avocado

Kale chips/ dark greens


Post workout:

Your post-workout nutrition should be quick to absorb, and contain a blend of 2 grams of Carbohydrates/ to 1 gram of protein. (I.e. 50g of carbs/ 25grams of protein). You have a 20-45 minute window to get food into your body. Otherwise your body will consume nutrients from the muscle you workso hard to maintain or build. Both pre and post workout meals/snacks can contain fat of some source.


Examples of good Post workout carbs:

Blackberries              Chocolate          Maltodextrin     Oats

Blueberries                Honey                dextrose            mango

Raspberries               Kiwi                    waxy maize       Kale

Strawberries              Watermelon      Honeydew

Banana                       turbinado          Collards

Grapes                        Milk                    spring greens


Post workout Proteins:

Whey protein            cottage cheese

Green pea protein     spirulina

Hemp protein            Fish

Rice protein


Healthy Fat examples: Either pre- or post-

Avocado            Organic Butter           Almond

Sardines            Coconut oil                 Peanuts

Salmon              Brazil nuts                  Cashews

Fish oil               Chestnuts                   Cheese

Olive oil             Walnuts


Post-workout examples:

Shake #1

Whey protein 25g

½ cupBlackberries

½ cup Blueberries

½ Banana

Coconut milk/flakes


Shake #2

Green pea protein

Almond milk

½ Avocado




 Meal #1

½ Cottage cheese

peach (medium)


Fruit of choice

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This Week in Sarasota Feature!!! Sweeet!

RUSH — an exercise experiment


This past weekend, local photo studio and event venue One105 hosted RUSH: Human Movement, an immersion fitness program that’s the first of its kind. The program itself is somewhat difficult to explain. RUSH is half-rave, half-gym. An afternoon at RUSH is like exercising inside of a music video. Dubstep pumps out of the speakers while the walls are coated with a laser light show provided by Third Eye Projections. There’s so much going on that it’s easy to forget why you’re there in the first place—until you get started.

There are 20 exercise stations, including a jump rope, a tire drag, kettlebells and a punching bag. Each station focuses on utilizing a different part of your body. Guests spend 80 seconds at each station before a siren cuts into the music and forces them to move on to the next one. Because the guests are allowed to go at their own pace through each individual exercise while still being pushed to complete one after another in quick succession, they are are able to push their own limits without having to keep up with a program that is too advanced. The course is designed to challenge anyone and everyone, regardless of their level of fitness.

RUSH is the brainchild of Chuck Stach and Parker Lennon, both accomplished trainers who put their experience together to create the course. They teamed up with Michael Murphy, director of operations for One105, who organized the multimedia aspect of the course. All three emphasize that RUSH is a collaboration which they hope will bring together people from both the fitness and party communities of Sarasota. Murphy hopes future One105 events will have this same spirit of collaboration and innovation. In his own words, he wants One105 to “bring a focus to Sarasota’s local underground culture and stimulate an interest in it by raising the bar on what’s expected.”

One105 will host RUSH on a quarterly basis as Stach and Lennon prepare to take their project to venues across the country. In the meantime, One105 will host a variety of events, including the “Dark Forest” concert on Feb. 1 featuring The Send Offs, Florida Night Heat and Brazos the Rat,  and a “Drunken Shakespeare” event on Feb. 17 in which Asolo actors “get plastered and recite a Shakespeare piece of their choice,” according to Murphy.

To learn more about the creators of  the Rush training course visit them at or For more information on upcoming events at One105, visit their Facebook page at

James Campbell


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Android arms

Today you are going to perform an arm workout that will get your heart rate through the roof. This is going to be an arm workout that will get and keep your metabolism roaring for hours after.  Performed in a tri-set circuit with minimal rest between exercises.

Circuit 1:

  • Alternating DB bicep curl 15-20 reps
  • Shoulder press DB 15-20 reps
  • Dips (bench or parallel bars.) 15-20 reps
  • Bodyweight row (TRX or Smith machine) 20-25
  • Push ups (natural) 20-25 reps
  • Hammer DB curl 20-25 reps
  •  Tricep kick-back 15-20 reps
  • HEAVY straight bar/ olympic bar curls 8-12
  • Shoulder triad (side/front/overhead) 12-12-12 reps
  • 1 minute sprint or plyo jumps

Perform as many rounds as possible within 45 minutes.


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Dude, We made weekend picks


Planning a weekend can be intimidating.  Luckily you don’t have to do it alone…

RUSH: Human Movement

This is one of those events that I don’t know if I can describe accurately, but I sure like trying.   Chuck Stach and Parker Lennon, two buff fitness trainers, are teaming up with John Revisky, a supertalented photographer; Evan Glantz, a genius at lighting effects; and Michael Murphy’s killer audio.  They’re creating an experience of fitness, sight, and sound.  This is a true honest-to-God circuit training workout, but without the typical gym setting.  Friday night is already sold out, but you have two options on Saturday (2 & 6pm) and a last chance on Sunday (2pm).    It’s $20 for admission.  And since it’s a real 80 minute workout, you’ll want to wear gym attire and bring a towel and water.  Call to reserve a spot (941)323-5824.  For more info, check out the Facebook event here.


Towles Court Art Walk

It’s not that I’m so surprised that it’s the monthly Towles Court Art Walk as much as I’m shocked that it’s the third Friday of the month again.  Didn’t the pineapple just drop??  Anyway, the perfect date night of the month is this weekend.  Towles Court Artist Colony opens its individual artists’ studio doors Friday night for a chance to meet the artists and see their work.  (And maybe BUY their work… Valentine’s Day is less than a month away!)  This goes on from 6 to 10pm, so it’s perfect to kick-off a date night before dinner, or walk off one of those tasty meals from one of our downtown restaurants.

Wine and Food Tasting at Hyatt

The third Friday of the month is also your chance to sample the wine and culinary offerings of Chef Leo from Currents Restaurant at Hyatt Regency Sarasota.    From 5:30 to 7:30, you’ll be led through a wine tasting.  And Chef Leo pairs the wine with some delicious light bites.  All this fun for only $25 per person.  You’ll want to reserve a spot by emailing or 941.232.0670.

FST Improv is back!

Saturday nights are about to get a whole lot funnier.  FST Improv is back for five weeks with their Saturday night shows.  This troupe has worked together for years and it shows.  This Saturday night is already sold out, so do yourself a favor and book some seats for upcoming shows while you still can.  The shows start at 8:30 in the Goldstein Cabaret.  Tickets are only $12 with a full cash bar.  Get more info at

Grab a seat at The Table

For those of you who were sad when The Table left its Hillview location, fear not.  The new location next to Phillipi Creek is even better.  Seriously, The Table Creekside  maintains its stark white interior, though they can now offer waterfront dining (on Phillipi Creek) in the new location.  And the menu is even better.  Seriously, if you don’t try the Chilean Sea Bass, you must not love yourself.  And if you’re concerned that the price is too steep, you can enjoy their happy hour from 4 to 6:30 SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!  They have a great selection of $5 apps and drinks.  It’s a great way to get your feet wet with the Table menu.  This Sunday, they kick off their first Sunday brunch from 11 until 2:30.  For more info, check out

Speaking of restaurants, we’re seen a few new ones crop up this month in downtown Sarasota.  The Blue Rooster opened next to Darwin’s on 4th in the Rosemary District, serving up classic Southern food with foot-tapping honkytonk music.  Jack Dusty, the new restaurant at the Ritz, makes his introductions to Sarasota as well, offering what they’re calling “coastal cuisine and crafted cocktails.”  (Hopefully on a sailor’s budget…)

And don’t forget about

The Heidi Chronicles at Asolo Rep.

Anything Goes at Manatee Players.

Intimate Apparel at Venice Theatre.

The Best of Enemies, The Columnist and Smokey Joe’s Cafe at FST.
Viagra Falls at Golden Apple Dinner Theatre.

20th Century Photography and Paolo Veronese at Ringling Museum of Art.

And if you’d like to brush up on what everyone was buzzing about on the web this week, check out my video recap:

——-Joey Panek,

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Rush: Human Movement Video

This is a sampler from our class on Friday 1/18

Like I have been saying if you don’t come you are definitely missing out.

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Back to the basics

The title of this workout says it all, it is a simple but effective back workout. Targeting the entire musculature of the back. Another thing this workout is taking into consideration is the full range of motion the back performs.

Circuit 1:

2-3 sets resting for 90 seconds between sets.


Band external rotation- (15-20 reps)

slow and controlled.

Keeping the elbow tight to the ribs and keeping the palm facing forward. Take the hand away from the body.

Standing cable row- (12-15 reps)

Pinch the shoulder blades together completely & hold. Then return to arms being extended, repeat from the beginning.

High to low pull down- (12-15 reps)

Pulling the weight to the front of your chest, drive your elbows straight down to your rib cage. Then extend your arms above your head until arm is straight. Repeat.

Standing reverse fly- (15-20 reps)

Using either a cable or band, with a slight bend in your elbow. Maintain the original bend and extend arms to your side pinching behind your shoulder blades at the end. Repeat the exercise.

Dumb bell bent over row- (12-15 reps)

Pinching the shoulder blades back, bend forward until back is at a 45 degree angle. While keeping the shoulders back extend your arms out (letting them hang straight down). Keep your elbows tight to the ribs and bring your hands and DB’s next to your ribcage with palms up.

Assisted pull up- (15-20 reps)

At this point in the circuit your back should be pretty tired. Choose an assistance weight that can allow you to complete the desired rep range of pull ups WITHOUT stopping. Also, make sure that you go all the way down (elbows straight) and up (chin above the bar).

Dumb bell shoulder shrug (12-15 reps)

Holding dumb bells next to your sides. Raise your shoulders to your ears, DO NOT roll the shoulders, then return the shoulders to a relaxed position.


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Rush: human movement


To say this is going to be one of the greatest fitness classes would be an understatement. Rush is the ultimate fitness experience. Working in conjunction with artistic mastermind John Revisky, Fractal lighting specialists Evan Glantzman, Parker Lennon from and myself (Charles Stach) custom tailored a fitness event around the location (Studio One105) and lead the ultimate mind, body, and mood elevating experience.


When you leave this class everyone was literally blown away, physically and mentally. Our goal with this collaboration provided not only the best workout you’ve ever had, but through both sound (driving music) and visuals (lights and projections) stimulating all of your senses.


The workout itself will utilize many different pieces of equipment ranging from traditional to cutting edge. Although the circuit is designed to be difficult, there are modifications to ensure that everyone will make it to the finish safely. Not to mention the fact there will be certified personal trainers guiding you throughout the workout. This will guarantee a good workout as well as the safety of the individual. You can expect the workout to last 80 minutes, including warm-up and cool down.



Event location:

Studio One 105

500 Tallevast #105

Sarasota, Florida 34243


Questions or to schedule a custom event,

please contact:


East coast (USA) event coordinator

Chuck Stach- 941.323.5824 


West coast (USA) event coordinator

Parker Lennon- 765.749.7984

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Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid

This is a great link for anybody that deals with aches and pains on a daily basis. The diet is designed to reduce the amount of inflammation that your body produces throughout the day, either from injury or stress.  Taking this into consideration these are more so of eating habits that if implemented properly can help aid in the reduction of pain and inflammation in your body.


For more details click the link below

 Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid.

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