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Workout of the Week: Stach Training

November 19, 2012
Posted By: Susan Asselstine


Now that the weather is near perfect, it’s always a good time to shake off the gym cob- webs and change your workout routine. Sarasota offers some unique boot camps that feature the great outdoors as their backdrop!

Charles Stach, NASM certified personal trainer, runs a boot camp that features balance, strength training, core, agility, mental sharpness, resistance training and flexibility all rolled into one beautiful outdoor fitness class located at Payne Park in downtown Sarasota.

After speaking with Chuck for a few minutes, you really get the sense he knows the “science” behind why a muscle responds a certain way with a particular exercise. I love all that extra knowledge especially when it can add an additional challenge to my workout.
Balance is such a key ingredient to any routine and is considered by physicians to be one of the “top 5” most important exercises to do every day. Chuck starts off with some challenging balancing sequences to get the heart rate moving, but mixed with some core work, this engages every muscle and works up a sweat slowly.

Because everything is done outside, we were able to utilize the rather large lawn area for some frog hops, timed sprints, and ladders. Agility ladders are the best overall exercise and can help you train for speed, strength, and body control. Chuck shows modifications for every exercise and there is always room for alignment improvements to make the exercise work better and more efficiently.

Contact Chuck Stach for location and times. Bring a mat or towel and some water. Classes are $10 and the first class is FREE!

Chuck Stach



—Susan Asselstine, SRQ Shorts

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