Sample assessment results

Program Design: Pat Doe


Goal: Maintenance/Increase energy levels, Reduce midsection measurements, Increase shoulder function/ strength, Increase muscle tone, Decrease body fat percentage, Improve posture, Injury prevention, Improve and maintain proper joint function and stabilization, Continue to improve diet while decreasing deficiencies.


6-9 Week Stabilization Phase


Week 1-4 Stabilization Endurance:

Increase shoulder mobility

Increase core stability

Reduce midsection measurements

Establish nutritional structure

Optimize muscle recruitment

Increase mobility in Lower limbs and shoulders

Increase unilateral and bilateral joint stabilization

Establish Cardio program to increase nutrient and oxygen delivery

Flexibility: Improve shoulder function to reduce injury and maintain posture

Stabilization:  Maintain proper core and joint stabilization to decrease risk of injury

Core: Increase core stabilization endurance to reduce back issues

Decrease Body Fat

Establish Nutritional guidelines to Increase metabolism

Systematic Approach


Week 5-9 Strength Endurance:

Increase lean muscles (which increases metabolism)

Isolate muscle groups to pinpoint area of muscular development

Adjust nutrition to support Nutrient uptake

Incorporate HIIT training to increase muscle stimulation, improve cardiovascular performance, and maximize calorie expenditure/burn.

Improve aesthetic appearance by increasing muscle

Strengthen muscles to improve/maintain joint function and reducing risk of injury


Reevaluate performance and reassess goal to further determine next Periodization phase.




Optimal training schedule:

3 hour sessions/ week

Monday: Stability/Function/Flexibility

15 minute Active Isolated Stretching

45 minute Resistance training

Tuesday: Stretch/cardio

Wednesday: Stability/Function/Flexibility

15 minute Active Isolated Stretching

45 minute Resistance training

Thursday: Stretch/cardio

Friday: Stability/Function/Flexibility

15 minute Active Isolated Stretch

45 minute Resistance training


My recommendation for the 3 hour sessions per week is to ensure that the proper detail and adjustment can be placed on the Stabilization phase. As I mentioned in the assessment, you have a lot of imbalances we need to correct to get your body to utilize the muscle that you already have to benefit your weight loss goal. Also I am attaching my price list as well for my various services. Thank you for making the time to come in and I am looking forward to assisting you in your current and future fitness goals.

Chuck Stach

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